Board Members

Lynco Board Members are elected by current members at the annual meeting in October each year. Term is one year, and there is no limit on how many terms a member can serve on the board.

Main responsibilities of elected Board Members include attending monthly meetings and being a part of the decision-making and enforcement of the bylaws, restrictions, boat use, and other regulations. The last few years the Board spent a lot of time working on the best ways to implement upgrades and repairs for the two Lynwood lakes. Getting the work implemented in such a way to conform with state regulations, and keeping projects on a timeline and budget, were challenges that were undertaken and overcome by the board.

More generally, the board discusses any concerns made known to board members by Lynwood Lakes residents (not just Lynco members), plans Lynco/neighborhood events, maintains the common areas and, writes and oversees the annual budget ensuring it will support the needs of the neighborhood over the course of the year.

Any current member can serve on the board. If you would be interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call (336) 674-1932.

2017 Lynco Board Members

Jim Levine President (336) 674-1932
Sherry Lowes Vice President/Treasurer
Christy Basset Secretary
Jeremy Groce
Jessica Donoho
Charlie Dick
Tony Bigham
David Gutile
Chris Youngblood
Tracy Bridges
Tyler Steele

Sharon Breska

Lynco Board Meetings
All Lynco members are welcome at meetings – you do not have to be a board member to attend!

For the most up-to-date meeting information, please contact a Board Member by emailing