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  • *Please give us your email address so we can send the Lynwood Log Newsletter via email to save paper and printing costs. Email address is used solely to provide information regarding Lynwood Lake and Southeast Community items (i.e. recent break-ins, lost pets, other items of general interest) and will not be shared or sold at any time.

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  • Please submit your payment online. There is an $10.00 convenience fee to pay online ($260/$335) Once your payment has been made, submit your application for approval. Membership must be approved by Lynco Board. If approved, membership product will be delivered to you. If denied, payment will be returned.



If you need to mail in your application and payment, please fill out your information here and print the form submit them with payment to the address below:

Lynco Club
ATTN: Boat Registration
2009 Lynwood Drive
Greensboro, NC 27406